Tips for reducing chicken coop odor

Eglu Go chicken coop

How do you reduce the smell from an urban chicken coop? Is there a way to eliminate the odors from a chicken house?









1) Spread some alfalfa leaves on the droppings pan to reduce the hen poop odor. Alternatively, you can use any non-poisonous leaves available in your area.

2) Sprinkle powdered lime, of the grey barn lime variety, at the bottom of the coop. Add bedding and mulch on top. Be sure you use the correct variety of lime as the white lime variety may burn the feet of the birds.

3) Buy a commercial bedding that can absorb moisture and odors.

4) Buy Diatomaceous Earth Food quality, a commercial product that is carried by feed stores. The food quality grade does not harm the chickens. It reduces the odors, kills small pests like insects, bugs, mites and fleas.

5) Use this

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