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Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by Missha
Best korean snail cream Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by Missha – at

The photo shows the snail cream & Sleeping Mask set by the Korean brand Missha. You can also get the Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream alone, without the Sleeping Mask snail cream. I bought one set of the Made in Korea snail cream.

Where can you buy Missha snail cream? Click on the photo links or here to order. Wherever you are in the world, Missha snail cream can be shipped to you directly.

Snail cream is increasingly becoming popular as a skin care product. It consists of snail mucus. The slime, aka Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates, includes glycolic acids, proteins and elastin. These components protect the skin from infection, damage and ultraviolet rays of sunlight.

Snail Cream from Korea has a different approach. Korean snail cream is made from snails who were fed a special diet of red ginseng. This diet improves the quality of the mucus. Missha snail cream, from Korea, uses this principle of providing quality snail mucus. Missha’s snail cream contains 70% snail extract. People who wish to have a high concentration of organic snail slime would be happy with this Korean brand.

Red ginseng is a name for Korean ginseng. It is sometimes called Asian ginseng. Its color is tan and because of this, it is commonly known as red ginseng. Red ginseng fights against lethargy. Children should not use red ginseng as they may react by becoming sleepless, nervous, anxious, have diarrhea, vomiting, high blood pressure or headache.

Why is red ginseng good for a body? It is supposedly good for fighting male impotence, heart conditions, blood sugar control, and is an immune system stimulator. When a snail is given red ginseng, it’s health will benefit by these attributes. Consequently, you get good quality snail slime for making a high grade snail cream.

Red ginseng is a rare commodity. It takes 1 and 1/2 to 2 years for a seed to sprout. The plant will mature 6 years’ time. After a ginseng is harvested, the soil needs 10 years of rest before it can be used for re-planting.

Another popular Korean snail cream is Prestige cream d’escargot, made by It’s Skin. It contains 21 % snail mucus.

Which snail cream has highest concentration snail slime?
Which is the best brand of Korean snail cream? If you prefer a Korean brand with a high level of snail mucus, then you might like Missha’s brand, as it has 70% of the slime. Furthermore, its snails are fed with Korean ginseng and its mucus is of a high quality.

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream – as its name suggests, hydrates skin cells. A cell with enough water will be elastic and thus will not contribute to wrinkles. The Korean snail cream promises to be one of the best snail cream. The link has a price for the best buy, from the maker Missha.

Other interesting facts about snails:

Giant African snails, of the species the Achatina Fulica, are prolific in Miami, Florida, as of September 22, 2011. These snails can grow and reach a maximum size of 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. The Achatina Fulica consume many plants in their path and are destructive to the flora and fauna in the landscape. The snails can damage the plaster and Stucco. The snails carry a parasite, a nematode, that can cause meningtitis, in human beings. This species of snails are hermaphrodites in having both the male as well as the female sex organs. In 1 year, a snail can lay a maximum of 1200 eggs. Their life span is as long as 9 years. Its a mystery how the African Snail ended up in Miami, since it is illegal to import such a snail into the US< without a permit. So far, no permits were issued for bringing in the African snail. It most probably was brought in illegally. In 2010, Charles Stewart was accused of smuggling in some African snails. He used them in the practice of an old African religion, called the Ifa Orisha. Stewart collected the snail’s juices for his followers to drink. The victims became sick after drinking the snail juices.

What to do when you see an African Snail?
Wear a plastic glove before handling the snail. Pick up the snail and place it in a plastic bag. Seal the bag. Call the US Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services toll-free at 888-397-1517. Someone will come and collect the sample. Officials will checxk and confirm the species. If necessary, they will send manpower to help eradicate the invasion of the African snail, in the neighborhood.

Some people may think that the giant snail produces more slime and they can collect the mucus to make their own snail cream. The African snail is dangerous because its slime contains the parasite that causes meningtitis.

Proof that snail cream works to remove skin marks:
Watch the video clip which shows the timeline when snail cream is applied to a face with scars. Slowly but surely, the red angry scars faded gradually, day by day. By the end of one week, there was a lot of improvement.
Proof that snail cream works video.

Where to get free samples of snail cream:
If you want to try out a tiny amount of free sample of snail cream, walk in to your nearest retailer for snail cream. The Missha cosmetics store has a tester for snail cream. You can sample a small amount of the cream and get a feel of what it is like. You may decide to buy a tube after feeling how good the cream feels on the skin. It is not sticky and frankly speaking, if it was not labeled, you would never know the product is made from snail slime. Other cosmetic brands are also providing testers for you to try for free the snail cream.

Many readers have searched for the snail cream. Some have bought various brands of snail cream because of personal preferences. If you are new to snail cream, you might like to try the Elicina brand, before you try the best Korean snail cream. Then maybe you can feel the difference.

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by Missha
Missha best Korean snail cream Super Aqua Cell Renew at

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by Missha review:

The picture shows the snail cream & Sleeping Mask set by the Korean brand Missha. You can also buy the Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream alone, without the Sleeping Mask snail cream.








Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by Missha sold at bestiads
Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by best Korean brand Missha

The Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream is packaged in a tub with a capacity of 47 ml. The snail mucus cream helps improve skin irritations, flaw marks, dark skin tones and suppleness of the skin.

Missha’s best Korean Snail Cream contains botanical stem cell which acts on pigmentation and scar marks.

Super Aqua snail cream includes Baobab Tree Extract and Deep Sea Water Extract. This hydrates skin to soothe away irritations and make the skin supple.

Missha gives a small plastic paddle for users to scoop out a tiny amount of the snail cream. By using an applicator stick, you keep the tub clean and hygienic. Pat the snail cream onto your face. Gently massage it in. Pat it over several times to encourage absorption by the skin.

Contents of Korean snail cream by Missha:
Snail Mucus Extract 70%
Botanical Stem Cell Extract
Baobab Tree Extract 2%.

Animal lovers can rest assured that Missha does not do testing on animals. No animals were harmed in the manufacture of this snail cream.

Missha snail cream is free of fake colors, parabens and mineral oils. If you don’t want shiny skin, use this brand of snail cream.

The Sleeping Mask is what its name implies. Its to be used once a week. Apply a thin layer over the face just before bedtime. Its official name inscribed on the tube is the “Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask”. The Korean brand could have used better transcription and translation. Basically, you get the meaning. This tube is 20 ml. The cost of the Sleeping Mask is USD9, if you do the math by comparison with the product sans the Sleeping Mask. (As calculated on Oct 2, 2011. The prices may vary from time to time)

Missha snail cream takes about 3 days to see visible results.

What do you get when you buy this Made in Korea snail cream? The explanation on the gold colored box said the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew does skin recontruction. It revitalizes the skin, layer, by layer. It acts as an anti-aging cream. Due to its effect against uneven pigmentation of the skin, the snail cream also does the function of skin whitening.

The gold colored box is packaged in a white colored plastic bag, when you buy the snail cream, at the counter.

What does snail cream feel like?
A tiny amount of snail cream goes a long way. The instructions said to use the plastic applicator to scoop up a tiny amount of snail cream. Rub it into the face in a circular motion, then massage it in. Give yourself a few gentle slaps to encourage the snail cream to be absorbed by the skin. Surprisingly, the snail cream feeling lasts the entire day. I perspired when I went outdoors. After wiping off with a tissue, I could still feel the snail cream on my face. It was smudge proof in a way, or it was absorbed into the skin. Snail cream is odorless, with a faint tinge of a pleasant smell.

What’s the expiry date of the Korea snail cream?
Once a tub or tube of snail creamn is opened up for use, it can last 3 years, before the use-by date is expired.

How to apply snail cream?
Use the plastic applicator to scoop a tiny amount of the cream. The amount to use is similar to what you would use as in toothpaste. Place this on the palm of your hand. Use a finger tip to smear a small portion of it to dab on your right cheek. Do the same for your left cheek, and forehead. Use your finger tips to massage in the snail cream on your left cheek, right cheek, and forehead. Then rub your nose and do likewise for other portions of your face. Did we miss out any spot? Rub in circular motions. Gently pat yourself on the cheeks and forehead, to assist the absorption of the snail cream.

Who uses the Missha Super Aqua cell Renew Snail Cream?
I do. I started on October 2 2011. I am waiting the see the initial effects after 3 days.

Does the Korean brand of snail cream have any smell?
Missha’s snail cream has a faint botanical smell. However, after rubbing it into my skin, I could not smell anything. That was because collectively, in a whole jar, the quantity of snail cream was enough to emit a “smell”. However, the minute amount that is used on the face is too little for any scent to be discerned.

Does snail cream last the whole day while applied on the skin?
I smeared a tiny amount of snail cream on my face early in the morning, like around 6 am. During the day, I perspired and I used tissue to wipe my face. I still could feel the layer of snail cream, despite having dabbed my face with tissue. At bedtime, around 10 pm, I rubbed my face and could still feel the touch of the snail cream. I guessed my facial skin absorbed the snail cream. It was waterproof and smear proof. Its good.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Snail Cream answer help. We solve your snail cream questions.

What’s the best brand of Korean snail cream?
Missha brand is recommended as the best brand of Made in Korea snail cream. It contains 70% snail mucus. The snails are fed with red ginseng, encouraging a high quality grade of snail slime.

Korean snail cream has a high concentration of slug slime.

Why would I use snail cream, when there are millions of other creams?
I wanted an organic cream that would be gentle on my skin. I did not want to break out in rashes or skin irritations. Missha sells snail cream, through its guaranteed delivery distributor Amazon. Buy snail cream today! You could be reading tons of reviews but never believe the effects of snail cream, until you try it.

What is snail cream used for?
Snail cream is used to renew skin cells, to be an anti-aging cream, to whiten the skin, and help heal skin problems.

How can other factors assist snail cream to get good skin?
Good health, together with snail cream, can help you get youthful skin. Good health will eliminate some root causes of acne. How to get good health? You need a good digestive system to help you absorb nutrients for your body. Some known foods which may cause problems in certain individuals are dairy products, wheat and alcohol. If you have acne, try stopping your intake of these 3 foods. Do you notice any difference in your skin after a month?

Processed foods convert to blood sugar faster than the unprocessed ones. When insulin is produced quickly to cope with the high blood sugar, the insulin also encourages the body to grow new cells on the skin. These cells may become pimples.

Some supplements can help fight acne. Omega-3 fats, pro-biotics, coconut oil, spices, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc.

“The Skin I Live In” is a movie written by Thierry Jonquet. The screen play was prepared by Pedro Almodovar. The cast of actors include Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Blanca Suarez, Jan Cornet, Marisa Paredes, Barbara Lennie, Fernando Cayo and etc. The plot tells about a plastic surgeon who invents a synthetic skin for patients who have dire need of skin repair. The doctor tries out his new skin on man, who is actually the rapist of his deceased daughter. The doctor performed gender reassignment surgery on the man to take revenge for his daughter’s death.

Scientists are developing synthetic skin for use in burn victims and patients with special skin needs. While the synthetic skin is still in its early stages, many people have to resort to other means of healing scars. Snail cream is an organic substance that can be used by people of all ages. Its is mild, odorless, and non-irritating to the skin. When there is no option to change the skin I live in, I can use snail cream to improve the condition of my skin.

Missha Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask Review:
What does this Sleeping Mask feel like? The tube of cream is colorless when rubbed onto your face. It feels less “slimys’, or less slippery, as compared to the snail cream. You need two pea sized globs of Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask in order to have sufficient quantity to apply over your face. If you enjoy a more liberal coating, then maybe you might squeeze out another pea sized blob of cream. The Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask has less botanical odor than its snail cream counterpart. Basically, it feels like the two are the same thing. Only that a beautician would advise that the Mask be used just once a week.

Snail Cream Ingredients:
Snail secretion filtrate
Denatured Alcohol
Adansonia digitata seed extract
BIS-PEG-18 methyl ether dimethyl silane,
PEG-11 methyl ether dimethicone
Ethylhexyl isononanoate
Hydroxyethyl acrylate/ sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer
Portulaca Oleracea extract
PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil
Caprylyl glycol
Tocopheryl acetate
Disodium edta
Centella Asiatica meristem cell culture
Xanthan gum

What is snail cream made up of? Why are these components necessary in snail cream?
Dimethicone is included in snail cream. Dimethicone is a polymer based on silicon. It is a large molecular that is made of smaller molecules. is used in cosmetics for its anti-foaming agent property. It is often included in skin creams as a protecting agent.

Glycerine is a simple polyol compound. It is used to kill bacteria in the snail cream, to make it viable for sale as a cream, with a shelf life of a few years. Glycerine is used as a holding agent.

Denatured alcohol is methylated spirits like ethanol. Denatured alcohol has additives in it. This type of alcohol is poisonous and bitter. It is not meant for drinking. It is probably added in the snail cream to help it become unplatable for bacteria.

Adansonia digitata seed extract helps to fight inflammation. It is an anti-virus as it fights against the disease causing viruses. In the snail cream, it will fight againt virus and protect the shelf life of the cream.

Arbutin is extracted from the Bearberry plant. It acts on pigments in skin, and whitens skin. It is added in snail cream to enhance the cosmetic effectiveness of the product.

BIS-PEG-18 methyl ether dimethyl silane is added in snail cream as a humectant and surfactant. It is a wax that is added to cosmetics like anti-aging creams. Snail cream has the added advantage of being an anti-aging cream.

PEG-11 methyl ether dimethicone is used in the snail cream as a texture modifier and emulsifier.

Seawater contains water, salt, mineral salts, dissolved organic substances, inorganic substances, particulates and gases. The mineral salts are good for the skin.

Missha snail cream for treating burns:
On Oct 27, 2011, I sustained a burn on a finger on my right hand. My hand accidentally brushed against the hot frying pan, while I was flipping an omelette. Immediately after dabbing snail cream on my burn, I did not feel the pain going away. The spot was still throbbing with pain. Within an hour, a blister had formed on the angry welt. The pain had disappeared. I applied snail cream on the wound. Throughout the day, I continued with my housework. I washed dishes, and re-applied a dab of snail cream on my burn. Every time I ashed my hands, I would re-apply with a tiny dab of snail cream. On the second day, on Oct 28, 2011, my blister had popped by itself. The wound was dry. The redness and swelling had disappeared. The burned patch looked like a scorch mark without skin. In the past, I used to buy antiseptics and other creams for use on burns, but these had a limited shelf life of about a year. Once opened, the creams would slowly dry up, even when refrigerated. If I didn’t use the creams, they would evaporate with my money. I tried using Missha snail cream for skin ailments because a jar would last me almost forever, without drying up at the frequency once a year. Oct 30 2011 – The burn turned into an angry, red color. It was trying to form a scab.

Missha snail cream color less
Snail cream from
slug mucus making snail cream
What does snail mucus look like?
Snail mucus for making cream
Slug mucus for making snail cream
snail cream
Spontaneous snail cream
snail slime
Snail cream renews damaged cells as the slug moves itself in friction via locomotion

Where to buy Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream?
You don’t have to travel to Korea to buy the best brands of snail cream. Have it delivered to your doorstep! Click here.

I bought several different items from Amazon, over a period of years. I bought jars of acrylic paint, books, CDs and miscellaneous items. Amazon and their vendors have always fulfilled their promises. The items were packed carefully and arrived in excellent condition. Shipping deliveries arrived on time and were promptly delivered to my door. I was more than satisfied with Amazon. I saved money on transport traveling from shopping mall to shopping mall, searching for the desired goods. I saved time by avoiding searching for a needle in a haystack, by walking around in malls, looking at different goods, before deciding which one to purchase. Amazon shows the goods and what you see, is what you get.

If you travel to South Korea to buy the snail cream, remember the story of the South Korean who praised the North Koreans. Regardless of your country of origin, it is better to be safe than sorry. Steer clear of political opinions like praising North Korea. Kim Seung-kyu, a South Korean blogger, propagated material that sung praises about North Korea. Kim Seung-kyu was one of the 60 people who have been charged with crimes since talking about North Korea, in a positive light. In 2008, South Korea had decreed it was wrong to praise the North Korea and be sympathetic towards their neighboring country. There are Koreans whose families have been split by the division of the country. There is a small handful of South Koreans who feel they should not be forced to reject North Korea.

Jan 2012 –
How do snails improve the skin?
During winter, I had a cuts and tears in my skin on my hands. The hard water coupled by the dry and harsh winter conditions affected my skin. I washed my crockery and utensils by hand, which didn’t help my skin. I had many cuts caused by the reaction of the water on my hand. I used to apply snail cream on my wounds and after 3 days, they would be healed. The cuts closed up cleanly. There was no pus or infection. I love the effcet snail cream had on skin.

I discovered one weird fact about snail cream. It shrinks in winter. I had a full tub of snail cream but during winter, the amount of cream had shrunk to around 1/4 of the original volume. I was shocked. I guess the cream contracted in volume at low temperatures.

How do they make the best Korean snail cream brand? The manufacturer gave away part of the secret. They said they fed the snails an organic diet and Korean ginseng.

How to get free snail cream?
Short of letting the snail slide all over your face, there is another way. You may rear your own snails. You have to let the snails slide around in a clean plastic tray to collect their slime. The tray should be colored in order to see the colorless slime easily.
What are the materials necessary to keep snails as pets?
You’ll need the following items:
1) A clean tank for the snails to live in. This tank may be purchased from an aquarium store.
2) Clean soil or moist compost as bedding for the snail.
3) A small log or a couple of twigs broken off from plants.
4) A small, leafy plant in a small pot.
5) Fresh and dead leaves
6) Short twigs.
7) Thin slice of apple.
8.) Thin slice of carrot.
9) Thin slice of ginseng.
10) Small leaf of celery.
11) Small leaf of lettuce.
12) A small, shallow dish of clean water. The snails may drink and bathe in the water.
13) A water bottle with a spray nozzle. You may buy one from the household section of any departmental store. The spray used to wet clothing before ironing may be used.

If you intend to collect the slime, you need to let the snails slide on a clean tray, outside of their feeding time, or feed them by making them crawl to their food. Place a small slice of food at each corner of the tray. The snails slide around and will leave maximum amount of slime. After some time, when you observe that the snails are sufficiently nourished and no longer interested to eat, you may return them to their tank. Its easier to collect the snail slime on a tray than from the soil. Feed the snails small pieces of food so that the fresh food does not decay from being neglected. You’ll save by giving small pieces instead of dumping a large chunk of food and leaving much of it to waste.

How to feed ginseng to your snails.
Buy a small piece of ginseng. Peel off the outer layer, which is the rough skin of the root. Peel thinly to avoid wastage. Steam the ginseng to soften it. Slice thinly. Air dry the slices before storage. This is red ginseng. Ginseng that has been dried in sunlight becomes white ginseng.

Alternatively, you may buy ginseng tea to fed your snails. Brew half a cup of ginseng tea. Do not add sugar. Pour a little into the snails’ drinking container. Store the rest away in the refrigerator.

Snail cream reviews are in vain if you don’t give the product a try. You can also get your own free snail cream by various methods. This article has elaborated on that topic. Some people are mistaken that snail cream is only a face cream. You can use it for other areas of skin on your body. Snail gel cream is organic and mild. It normally does not irritate skin even on sensitive areas on the body.

Someone asked me, if there is snail ice cream. Well, if there’s breast milk ice cream, there should be snail ice cream too. The exotic ice cream is made by using edible snail parts, minced and made into ice cream, just like any flavored ice cream.

Another person asked – If snail gel cream is good for the skin, won’t eating the snail be just as effective too? The snail’s slime contains the products that aids the skin. Eating the snail may not have the same effect.

Snail ice cream:
There are a couple of ways of cooking and making snail ice cream.

You can cook the snail separately, then add it to the ice cream mixture. How do you cook snail for adding into an ice cream mix? You need to cook the snail/s by boiling in as little water as possible. Add a tiny pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg, 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, a tiny pinch of ground cloves, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. You’re going to use the snail broth as some nutrients are dissolved in the water. When the snail is cooked, turn off the burner. Use a strainer to to filter the broth. The small amount of water left can be used to make the ice cream mix. The snail has to be sliced into tiny bits, like how you can find fruit bits in any fruit flavored ice cream. You may also grind it up in a grinder. The snail is cooked as a sweet dish as nobody wants salty ice cream. Add the tiny bits of snail meat into your regular ice cream mixture. Prepare the ice cream as you would normally, by hand or in an ice cream maker. Do your usual freezing. After a couple of hours, your snail ice cream is ready to be served.

I’m sick and tired of defending snail cream. Snail cream works to heal superficial cuts, cold sores in winter, and renews skin. If you haven’t tried snail mucus cream, you shouldn’t slam it. Don’t write reviews to condemn snail cream without giving it a try. You either try it, or don’t. If you’re a reviewer who never buys the snail cream, then you shouldn’t criticize it and dismiss it as “quack medicine”. If you have applied snail cream and it has failed your expectations, share with us.

More about the snail:
There is a species of snail that can voluntarily lose its foot. Like the house lizard who can shed its tail, this snail gives away its foot, as a decoy, to distract a predator. When the predator is a fast moving animal like a snake, this species of Satsuma caliginosa snail has a clever ploy.

This snail has another protective mechanism. Its shell is like an armour. An adult snail will have attained its full armour, making it hard for its enemy, the snake, to eat it, when it has gone inside its shell. If the snail is still young, it has to resort to another trick, like loosing its foot, for the predator to eat, and delay it. The snake’s foot looks like a tail.

The best brand of snail cream is the one that works for you.

Updated Nov 26 2012:
Free snail cream:
How to get free snail cream? If you’re not squeamish, you let the snail slide over your face. A woman named Edith Pangle, 62, actually derives the benefits of free snail cream, by allowing snails to glide over her face. Ms Pangle’s face massage therapy lasts for 15 minutes. Her beauty routine is repeated at regular intervals of once per week. Ms Pangle lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She gets her snails free of charge, from her garden, at home. If she runs out of live snails, she gets permission from her neighors, friends and relatives, to hunt for snails, from their gardens. Ms Pangle attributes her smooth skin, to the effects of snail mucus treatment. She said she had read about the snail slime ingredient in snail cream from France. Instead of buying her snail cream, Ms Pangle opted to get it the natural way, directly from snails.

Snail cream promises to smooth away wrinkles, clear acne skin, minimize or clear fresh scars and uneven pigment spots.

How does snail mucus aid the skin?
Snail slime mucus contains an active ingredient that accelerates cell regeneration. Acne and superficial wounds heal faster with this mucus. The enzymes in the slime act on acne tissue and reduce the marks. The snail mucus stimulates the user’s skin to produce elastic and collagen. These make the skin elastic and reduces the saggy look.

Hippocrates used snail slime:
The physician from ancient Greece prescribed crushed snail to treat skin inflammations.

How old is modern snail cream?
The French brand of snail cream, Elicina, will be 16 years old, in 2012. fans of snail cream have supported the brand all these years.

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream, by Missha, was started in 2010.

Snail charm:
What is the snail charm used for?

1) The snail is a highly sexual organism. Some types of witchcraft use the snail as a charm for love and fertility. A witch may collect snail shells, to string together, in a necklace. She may place these snail necklaces around the home of the receiver. Women who wish to conceive may like to use the snail charm.

2) On Halloween night, Oct 31, a snail can be used to predict the name of your future spouse. Place a snail on a clean dish, preferably a colored dish that will show the snail’s trail of slime. Let the snail glide around the dish. The following day, look at the slime, and try to decipher the letter of the alphabet it resembles. This letter would be the first letter of the name of your future spouse.

How to get rid of garden snails:
1) Collect snails by picking them up and depositing them in a plastic bag. Leave the plastic bag of snails in the woods, wasteland, or somewhere safe from gardeners.

2) Collect snails to sell or give away to people who want to use slime for snail cream. We can start a Snail Collection Club for collectors and receivers if enough people are interested.

If you toss snails over the fence, will they return home to your garden?
Snails, like many living creatures, possess a homing instinct. They have an internal GPS to guide them home. If you want to get rid of snails without killing them, collect them into a container or plastic bag and release them far away. Scientists said the snail’s homing instinct works for the first 20 meters. If they are released more than 20 metres away from home, they lack the navigational ability to slide home. Around 20% of gardeners living in the United Kingdom get rid of snails by tossing them into a neighbor’s garden, when no one is watching. However, snails are homing molluscs and they inevitably do crawl home in time. It is a better idea to leave them at least 20 meters away from your home.

Updated July 2014
Carly Brown, 18, a British school student at a private school called Taunton School in Somerset, has won the Prince Philip Award and Marsh Prize, which is a 600 pound prize from the Zoological Society of London. Ms Brown showed how sails, and even the common garden snail, prefer red light. She placed snails in a specially constructed box with chambers that were lit with different colored light. More than 50% of the snails crawled and glided their way to the chamber that was illuminated by red light. This is a groundbreaking research conclusion. Previously, scientists had assumed snails’ eyes were too primitive to differentiate colors of light. If you intend to collect free garden snails, leave a red light on at your porch. You can use an ordinary flashlight (torch light) and cover the front of the screen with a red colored piece of translucent plastic. Light that shines past the red plastic will be red in color. Snails will craw towards the red light.

Updated July 23 2014 –
Snail slime harvesters will be slugged with a bumper crop of mucus. Summer 2014 in the U.K. is ideal for snails. Warm weather and frequent rainfall are conducive to breed molluscs. The climate is perfect for a snail population explosion. The slugs have been favored with the past winter. The mild cold did not freeze the eggs to death. Snails are smarter as they become more resilient to pesticides. An average sized slug can devour a maximum of 20 pellets before it gets affected by the poison. Spain has one variety of Spanish snail that shows these traits. Scientists are developing new techniques to curb the populations of snails. Farmers and gardeners are keen to protect their crops and vegetation. There are some species of snails which are cannibalistic. If these breed with other species of slugs, a mutant slug may be created that combines the sum total of resilient factors. This kind of mutant could be resistant to pesticides.

snail charm for love and fertlity

Different species of snails:

snail species*types of snails*The African snail is one of the largest types of snails.




Women who use snail cream:
female uses snail cream*Korea snail cream is good*snail cream user

What is the personality of the snail? If I use snail cream, will its character traits get rubbed on me?
The snail is often mistakenly mocked for its slow glide. One should be reminded that slow and steady wins the race. The snail is as sure as the hare in winning the race. The snail’s shell is a spiral. This unique formation is symbolic of spiraling inwards to discover secrets. The snail has two antennae, which are feelers to sense the environment. The snail is in tune with nature to adapt to different conditions and survive. During the day, the warm weather is not conducive for the snail to move about. It is a nocturnal creature.

Snails are susceptible to climate change too. Warm and hot weather are not favorable to the molluscs as they get dehydrated and die. Some species of snails have gone extinct. The Aldabra banded snail, once plentiful in Seychelles, disappeared seven years ago. The Aldabra was last seen in 1997. After a long absence, several specimens of its species re-appeared in 2014. Every species of living organism has a role to play in the evolution of life forms.

Sea snails/ abalone heal cold sores and fight herpes:
One species of edible sea snail, called the abalone, has been credited for healing herpes. The abalone’s blue blood contains anti-viral traits which block the attacks of herpe virus. This species of sea snail, the abalone, is found in the bays off the coast lines of Tasmania. Research scientists in Australia said the abalone’s blue blood can be processed and given to cancer patients. This fluid can reduce cold sores in cancer patients. A protein found in the blue blood reduces the occurrence of cold sores and quickens the healing process for cuts on the skin. Some cultures eat the abalone as a type of sea food. It is very expensive. Thus, it is served as a delicacy on special occasions. The Chinese people in various countries all over the world eat abalone on auspicious occasions like Chinese New Year, wedding dinners and other celebrations.

Snails have been eaten as food
Cave men in Spain used to eat snails by roasting them. Palaeolithic cave men who lived between 31000 to 26,900 years ago discarded the burned snail shells at their fire places.

A rare Partula snail received international attention when its zoo keepers placed it on a weighing scale. Every year, the animals at zoo are weighed to check their health and possible pregnancies.

Anatolih Evgenii, 48, a macrophotographer who lives in Russia, keeps pet snails at home. He had an unusual idea of taking pictures of his pet snails doing pull ups, or chin up, on a bar. He constructed a mini gym using twigs and sticks. Once the gym was set, he waited for his muscle slugs to play. After many hours of waiting, his patience was rewarded. The first customer for the bar casually glided up the pole and made its way to play hang snail.

Did you know that snails have eyes at the end of their antennae? They are very short sighted and can only see right in front of them.

Giant Snails from Spain have been unwittingly exported to the UK. Salad leaves or greens were blamed for hiding these snails when the vegetables were imported. People have seen the large species in London, East Anglia, West Midlands, New Forest and South East Coast. These slugs secrete mucus half an inch wide when they glide around. They may not be easily killed by poison pellets. Their hardy nature renders them almost impossible to destroy. One of their weaknesses is cold weather. Foreign snails bring new parasites and diseases. If they mate with local slugs, the hybrid species could become resistant to even the cold. Spanish snails are cannibalistic. They prey on their own species if they see dead snails. They attack weaker snails and devour them. Snails are hermaphrodites and reproduce asexually. They are usually brown in color. Animals who eat slugs are ducks and hedgehogs but these avoid the Spanish brown snails.

Reasons to buy Missha snail cream
1) It contains 70% snail slime.
2) Their snails are fed with Korean ginseng to boost the quality of their slime.
3) Snail slime is organic and gentle on skin.
4) It is anti-ageing.
5) Snail harvesters experienced wound healing after handling snails.

Updated April 23 2015
Snail farmers look for a species of slugs that produce plenty of mucus. Spanish snails, aka scientific name Arion Vulgaris, which are 6 inch long, are notorious for leaving so much slime around that even their natural predators like birds and hedgehogs can’t eat them.
These slimy gastropods are meat eaters which gobble up dead mice and even turn cannibalistic when one of their species becomes too weak. Spanish slugs are susceptible to cold weather and usually don’t survive long in England. Some slug invaders lived in the UK in 2010, but were killed by cold weather in winter.
Spanish snails are aggressive in their mating and breeding cycles. They may lay a total of 400 eggs per year. If a Spanish slug mates with a local English one, their hybrid species may become tolerant to winters.

Spanish snails are terrors because they are resistant to poison pellets. One way of killing them is by pouring boiling water on them. If you put salt on a snail’s head, it may also die, but you spend money on salt. Furthermore, if the salt drops into the soil, it becomes excessively concentrated with sodium chloride and this becomes bad for plants and grass. Plants wither and may die when the soil has a high concentration of salt. You have to pour a large volume of water every day, until you can see an improvement in the condition of the plants.

How to kill crop eating snails when you find them in large numbers? Evidently, it is difficult to boil a large quantity of hot water to pour on every snail. A scientist said you should collect all the snails in a bucket and fill it with soap water. The snails will die.

Gardeners are advised to kill the 6 inch long Spanish snails because these are voracious eaters that destroy plants and crops. In addition, these foreign snails carry new bacteria and parasites which are harmful to their new host country.

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  1. hi, are Missha’s products good for scar healing or just Elicina brand? is Mizon brand good? thanks for the long and detailed post. it is awesome :)

    1. Hi, Liv!

      I tried Missha’s snail cream. It worked for fresh wounds. They healed without leaving behind scars. The individual skin type will respond differently. Thanks for reading.

  2. I was inspired to try snail cream after reading all the hype about it. A tiny pea sized amount is sufficient to spread for a facial. The tub of cream dries up in summer so be sure to keep it in a cool place, or fridge.

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