Best buy Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving turkey best buy raised free rangeHappy Thanksgiving Day November 22, 2012. I recommend Branigan’s turkey as the best buy. They are the experts in turkey poultry farming, being in the business since 1942.

Branigan’s turkeys are raised free range. This is the best buy turkey.

They are reared beyond 16 weeks, although the turkey farm has to foot the cost of feeding the fowl. A Branigan’s special turkey is usually raised until 25 weeks to 27 weeks old. The bird develops a layer of fat, under its skin. This fat provides the natural juices for cooking. Its a second reason for Branigan’s turkey being the best buy.

The slaughtered turkey is cleaned and then chilled to a low temperature, before packing in ice. This process retains the moisture in the turkey. This is the third reason for Branigan’s turkey being a best buy.

Branigan’s turkeys are fresh. The buyer must be prepared to pay for expedited shipping, as the ice packing can only last for a short length of time. The turkey might run past its expiry date without the ice. Branigan wants to ensure proper delivery of the turkey and will decline any order which is not accompanied by expedited shipping. For a best buy turkey, it should be shipped and delivered as soon as possible. This is the fourth reason for choosing Branigan’s turkey.

Branigan’s Woodland, California Thanksgiving Free Range Turkey weighs between 14 to 16 pounds (lb) with Brining Kit.

Updated Nov 19 2012 – Time To Roast app
How long should you roast and cook a turkey?
For every pound of turkey meat, 20 minutes should be spent cooking it. Look at the weight of the turkey and multiply by 20 minutes.

An app called “Time To Roast” calculates the amount of time needed to prepare the turkey. you don’t need to backtrack your clock to calculate the time to start cooking your turkey. Use the Time To Roast app. Key in data like the weight of turkey, brand of oven, or type of oven, and what time you anticipate to serve your turkey. The app does all the calculations. You will get the time to start cooking the turkey.

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