How to make your iPhone into a remote controller

How to make your iPhone into a remote controller
The VooMote One is a high tech sleeve that converts your iPhone into a universal remote controller. The VooMote One works to aid your iPhone to become a remote TV controller that works on most models of TV sets. The sleeve fits snugly over your iPhone and allows you to control your TV remotely. You can switch channels, or use your iPhone inbetween functions. The VooMote One sleeve allows you to group together your various electronic gadgets like your DVD player and stereo. You can use your VooMote One as a universal remote to control these gadgets. You can group devices according to the location (room) in your home (or whatever unit you’re in).

The VooMote One sleeve can also be fitted over an iPod Touch, and make it work as your universal remote controller too. The iPod Touch will use the free app to synchronize it to work smoothly, like the way the iPhone works with the VooMote.

The VooMote One is presently sold only in the US, but it is only a matter of time when it becomes internationally available.

The product that is sold at Amazon that functions like the VooMote One is currently described as the Zero 1 01 – AAAA – 0001 TV Tuner and Receiver.

VooMote One: Room Control

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